Ostrów Tumski, or Cathedral Island, is the home island of the oldest church so far discovered in Poland. The so-called Chapel of Dąbrówka has been built in approx. 965 AD.
It is also the seat of the first Polish diocese with the oldest cathedral in Poland, which was built in the time of Mieszko I. Since then it has been altered several times, and in its present form it retained its original (to a degree) Gothic walls, which were partially rebuilt after some World War II damage. In the interior you can view the magnificent Vischerowski panel, or the so-called Golden Chapel, or the memorial mausoleum of the first rulers, and the remains of earlier constructions, the graves of kings Mieszko I and Bolesław the Brave and a christening bowl still remain in the crypts. In previous centuries the cathedral was also a burial place, with eight of the first rulers of Poland buried inside it.

On the island you can also find: gothic Psalterium, the Palace of the Archbishop, two clerical seminaries, the archdiocese archive and three museums: the archdiocese museum with a magnificent collection of devotional objects and the oldest Polish relic – the sword of St Peter; the Genius Loci Archaeological Reserve, where you can view a part of the defensive walls from the times of Mieszko I and also the Poznań Gate – Interactive Centre of the History of Ostrów Tumski (ICHOT), where the history of the inception of Poznań and the Polish state is shown with the use of new technology and museum concepts.

In the next couple of years new exhibitions are planned, presenting the results of archaeological excavations conducted on the island in recent years.

Behind the cathedral you will find the Bridge of Bishop Jordan, the so-called Lovers’ Bridge, after crossing it we reach Śródka – a mediaeval settlement, where the framework of the arrangement of the original settlement remains to this day, with the delightful little mediaeval church of Saint Margaret, the monastery of the Brothers of Saint Philip and the evermore numerous, attractive coffee bars. The newest addition to the settlement is an impressive 3D fresk with the view of Śródka from 100 years ago. From there it is not far to Poznań Malta – the most popular Poznanian recreational and sports facility.

Worth visiting:
Archcathedral Basilica of St. Peter and St. Paul, Ostrów Tumski 17,

Interactive Centre of the History of Ostrów Tumski Porta Posnania ICHOT, Gdańska street 2, phone number: +48 61 647 76 00

the Genius Loci Archaeological Reserve, Fr. Ignacy Posadzy street 3, phone number: +48 61 852 21 67

Archdiocese Museum, J. Lubrański street 1, phone number: +48 61 852 61 95