Residences around Poznań (5h)
• Kórnik Castle (and optionally also the Arboretum)
• Rogalin Palace and also the Palace Park with the largest oak habitat in Poland
• Manor House in Koszuty

Wooden building treasures of Wielkopolska (7h)
Wielkopolska has a number of wooden churches of the XVI – XVII centuries that have survived to this day. Due to the EU Programme many of them are being restored to their greatness.
• Kicin – where Jan Kochanowski was once the nominal parish priest
• Wierzenica – with the mausoleum of the Cieszkowski family
• Entrance to the panoramic tower on Dziewicza Góra
• Wełna – church with Saturdays and folk oil paintings
• Słopanowo – the penalty of a barman who does not pour a full mug of the beer…

Wielkopolska National Park (7-8h)
• Puszczykowo – Museum of the travels of Arkady Fiedler
• Lake Góreckie – the most beautiful in the Park
• Picnic in the Warta Valley
• Natural History Museum in Jeziory or the Museum of Agriculture and the Food Production Industry in Szreniawia
• Bierbaum panoramic tower

*It is possible to travel with a steam-engine train at the request of the group, please contact us for more details.

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